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Celia neuThere are hundreds of weight loss guidebooks. In some way they all share the same features as fairy tales do: They both end with the happy ending and skip the struggle with normal everyday lifeproblems. In Fairy Tales the story stops after the marriage and diet guidebooks like to propagate the happy ever after, once that goal weight has been reached.However, that should be the point when we start to self-reflect. What are our dreams, desires and needs ? Or to put it in another way: The time has come, that we have to reflect our weight; what does it stand for; how is it influenced by our personal environment and more specifically what does it mean to us personally?

Instead of the happy ever after of fairy tales, we struggle most of the time with yoyo-dieting.

If you want to find your own individual and comprehensive diet and way of life, - with which you will be happy ever after ;-) - this is the right place for you. On this site you will find articles, regarding Your weight in Your life, physically, as well as psychically. My goal is to help you find your connection to your inner self and to motivate you to keep it up and take care of that connection. The most important point: All of this, with your own rules, without annoying and controlling parameters from someone else.

I am hoping for a lot of impulses and inspirations and I am looking forward to read your comments

Celia Elsdörfer

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