The Keep-Weight Holiday Guide

There can never be too much of a handsome guy/woman (unknown)

Do not compare yourself to other Bikini-bottom-contents

Your body is your best and most loyal mode of transportation in your life. Eventhough, and also when, it needs more strength in form of extra kilos, which you can't really bring yourself to accept. But you are not only made up out of kilos, eventhough it might be easy to believe that, when you are walking on the beach, barely covered. You have to consciously decide that you are okay with yourself. Not at some point in the future. Now. Take yourself to be your own measure and do not compare to others.

Do not starve to fit into a smaller bikini size

Your only job in life is to 'nurture' yourself, that includes eating when and what you want or vice versa, not eating if you don't want to. You always eat what you need, even if your consciousness is trying to tell you, that it was too much. Pay attention to your needs, take care of yourself, and don't fight your own body. Be gentle with yourself!

Leave the anxieties about gaining weight somewhere far away

even better: make a plan to gain 2 kilos. Allow yourself the ampleness of life. Allow yourself to enjoy everything. Allow yourself to find your place in life, every part of you, with all your kilos. At this moment they belong to you and when it's time, they will also leave you again. But at the moment, this is who you are. You are the best version of yourself at all times. No matter whether it's too much kilos, or whether there could be more. You are absolutely okay and enough just the way you are right now, because if you weren't yourself, no one else could!

Don't be ashamed of some tummy rolls.

You are more than your body, you are more than your tummy. Whoever criticises you, may it be words or looks, also criticises his own body, him- or herself and also his or her own thoughts. It is nothing to do with you. Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

Make your own Holiday Rules

You are your own head of relaxation, no one else should be in charge. Do things, that your soul and body benefits from. Be patient with yourself, you don't need to know/manage that immediately. Take your time to slow-down into the holiday-feels. There is no need for stressing about not managing to relax quickly enough. You don't have to switch from 1000% everyday life-stress to 2000% complete relaxation in 0,01 seconds. Free yourself from the unnecessary expectations, that your holidays have to be super relaxing, super fun, and super mind blowing. Free yourself from the expectations, that it has been only a proper vacation, if you're coming back super tanned or super dynamic. The only thing you 'have' to do, is to listen to yourself. Decide to be on holidays, and to be happy with yourself. Whatever this may look like for you.

Be simple with yourself. Now and always.


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