Urlaub BarmseeYou have to find your luck on the way, not in the end, that's when the journey is already finished and over. (German Proverb)

Holidays are the best time of the year. Or so they say. But somehow this is not as easy to confirm, when your body image is not the best, while wearing short or revealing clothes. This pressure does not only come from within, but we are spammed with Bikini crash-diets in the magazines; we compare ourselves to photoshopped models; and our not-so-toned stomachs weigh heavy on our consciousness. You torture yourself with thoughts like: How could I have improved my self-control eating-wise, in the last few weeks? Why didn't I exercise more? Will the old bathing suit still fit? Should I even bother to wear a bikini, which doesn't cover and hide my stomach ?

I read somewhere online that the word holiday also connotes 'to allow yourself something'. To me, this expression is lived up to its best, when you allow yourself to be your pure self. What this means precisely, you will find it here on the blog or how to translate it. What it means, or what it might mean, on holidays, you will find here.

I'm looking forward to hear from you, what's important for you on your vacation; and how you put your self-care on holidays into practice.

Everything will be fine.

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